Assessment of mobile technology for front line extension agents


The European Union (EU) earmarked funds for the purchase of mobile phones for frontline extension agents, particularly Farmer Promoters (FPs) and Farmer Field School Facilitators (FFS Facilitators) who are supported through the Twigire Muhinzi extension programme. The Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI) requested the Agriculture Technical Assistance Facility (Agri-TAF) to assess the feasibility, the capacity of frontline extension agents to use mobile technology, and the required technical specifications.

The assessment was undertaken in July 2016 and was based on the review of existing information, and interviews with key informants in Kigali and in 5 Districts, 8 Sectors, 17 Cells, and 23 Villages in all provinces. As the expected use of the mobile phones was related to improved reporting and communication, the study also assessed the existing reporting and communication systems at local level and in Twigire Muhinzi system.