Climate Risk Assessment of Agriculture in Rwanda


This report presents a climate risk assessment / risk screening of the impacts and opportunities for climate change for agriculture in Rwanda. The assessment has been based on a review of the academic and grey literature. It has assessed how potential climate risks – from current climate variability and future climate change – could affect current sector development plans and investment strategies. It has also looked at the greenhouse gas emissions from the sectors. The review has then identified priority risks, and reviewed existing plans and programmes in place, to identify key gaps or opportunities.

The climate risk assessment (CRA) is the first step in a broader initiative – supported by Agri-TAF – to develop climate mainstreaming in the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI). The aim is to integrate climate and environment into existing policy and development, rather than implementing as a stand-alone activity, i.e. to advance climate smart agricultural development.

This mainstreaming initiative uses a policy-led approach in which climate change is placed within the context of wider development objectives, plans and policies. The CRA therefore provides information on the possible risks and opportunities from climate change, but contextualises these within the sector development planning landscape and through the lens of the ASIP II. It is focused to help MINAGRI identify what to do in the next five years or so to mainstream climate, noting this may include actions for both the short- and longer-term.