Concept Note on Leveraging the AAA Initiative


The high-level initiative for the Adaptation of African Agriculture to Climate Change (AAA) for Addressing the Challenges of Climate Change and Food Insecurity was launched in 2016 by the Moroccan presidency in advance of COP22 – the 22nd Conference of the Parties within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC). The initiative was put forward by a community of scientists and a coalition of 28 African countries, including Rwanda, as well as the UNFCCC and the FAO.

The objective of the initiative is to place the adaptation of African Agriculture at the heart of the climate debates and negotiations, and to attract a substantial share of climate funds. It also aims to contribute to the roll-out of specific agricultural projects and solutions (to climate change). The initiative is built around two major pillars:

  • Advocacy to secure financing for agricultural adaptation projects in African countries; and
  • Promotion of innovative solutions to respond to Africa’s top priority needs.

As part of the AAA initiative, a White Paper was produced in advance of the Morocco COP (COP22) that set out possible adaptation solutions. The initiative was promoted at high level meetings at the COP in November 2016. Against this background, Agri-TAF was asked to assess whether the AAA initiative – and the options in the AAA White Paper – could form the basis for a strategy and investment plan for the agriculture sector in Rwanda. This paper summarises the review and recommendations.