MINAGRI Communications Strategy


The Agriculture Information and Communication Programme (AICP) is the key communications unit of the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (MINAGRI). It`s role is to ensure that agricultural knowledge and information is regularly and timely collected and then produced, processed, adapted, stored, shared and disseminated to its audiences. AICP works in collaboration with MINAGRI’s two implementing agencies, the Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB) and the National Agricultural Exports Board (NAEB). They are responsible for providing technical input into communications products, whilst AICP is the centre of excellence for communications.

This communications strategy has been produced to support the work of the AICP. Under an overall objective – the provision of quality information to farmers in a timely and accessible manner to aid their ability to make better decisions regarding practices designed to increase agriculture productivity and profitability – the strategy identifies areas in which AICP’s work could be strengthened to deliver better communications, more collaborative in their design, more targeted in their approach and more impactful in their delivery. With this in mind, the strategy puts forward the following communications objectives:

  1. Developing a closer understanding of the communications needs and preferences of farmers, including a one-off survey plus seasonal follow-ups;
  2. Aligning all communications activities with MINAGRI’s goals and objectives through heightened awareness of communications’ role and potential, and ensuring its integration into the planning system, including through an annual structured training programme for MINAGRI senior officials;
  3. Improving the information flow and management of communications across the sector to gain a fuller picture of all communications related activities, aligning them where possible and, from this (and other inputs), developing a sector-wide seasonal calendar; also the establishment of an Agriculture Sector Communications Working Group;
  4. Improving the reach and impact of communications tools and products by developing a campaign-style approach to development and delivery, drawing on the seasonal calendar and insights and input of senior managers and members of the ASCWG; and
  5. Developing the means of assessing the impact of communications activities and building this into the management process as a core seasonal activity.